Kickass Chocolate Coffee

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I know you love coffee…if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here. But who doesn’t love chocolate and coffee. That’s kind of a no-brainer. The beautiful thing about chocolate coffee too is that you can add things to it to make it even better.

Having chocolate coffee is like drinking luxury in a mug.

What You Need

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Coffee Beans

Of course, in order to make coffee of any sort, you need beans. You can choose regular coffee or one that is already chocolate flavored.

My favorite chocolate-flavored coffee bean is from Invader Coffee’s Mexican Chocolate Blend. It’s so smooth, with no acidity and they use an air roasted, fair trade bean.

This coffee has a medium body with a subtle yet decadent flavor of dark chocolate with cinnamon and vanilla hints. If you love chocolate, you are going to love this bean. I promise!

Chocolate Pieces

If you chose coffee beans that aren’t flavored, you can add in chocolate pieces or cacao nibs. It’s so simple and it tastes amazing.

Cocoa Powder

You can add cocoa powder to your coffee a 1/2 teaspoon at a time until the flavor you are seeking is achieved.


You can add vanilla (just a splash), cinnamon, or any kind of milk (coconut, dairy, or almond).

See more morning coffee add-ins here.

How to Make It

First, you need to brew your beans. There are so many brew methods you can choose. Our favorite is with a French Press or an AeroPress.

After your beans are brewed up, you can add your chocolate pieces and let them melt. Also, this is when you would add your cocoa powder or cacao nibs. Stir until it’s blended and add milk (if desired).


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Don’t get crazy

If you have never had chocolate coffee before, you will want to start small. Don’t go dumping chocolate in or it might not taste good.

Add in small amounts and taste as you go.

If you aren’t really a coffee fan or you don’t want a bunch of caffeine, try brewing this organic blend made from cacao nibs.

Coffee Free Cacao Nibs Brew

If you want to try a recipe that is free from coffee, you need to try this. It has zero caffeine!


How to Make it:

Preheat the oven to 350°F and put the nibs on a baking sheet in a thin layer. Cook for 15-18 minutes then remove and cool. (Store in an airtight container when not using) For the coffee, take 1 tablespoon of the nibs for each cup of boiling water. Grind the nibs until it’s a powder and then “brew” in a french press like you would coffee beans. Let it steep for 6-8 minutes. Pour it in your cup and drink up. You can add the coconut oil or cinnamon to your mug, then stir (if desired).

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Other Chocolate Coffee Beans

This medium roast coffee from Godiva has a chocolate truffle flavor. Who other than the chocolate makers themselves to come up with a chocolate-flavored coffee to enjoy.

This Arabica bean coffee has flavors of rum, vanilla, and caramel. What better to pair a coffee bean with than chocolate and rum.

Chocolate-covered cherry coffee beans…sign me up. This coffee is rich and flavorful. It’s an Arabica bean chosen from the top 10% of the beans in the world. Small batched and sustainably sourced.

Starbuck’s Mocha blend is a medium roasted bean with just the right amount of chocolaty richness. They are ethically sourced and responsibly traded Arabica beans. Each bean is a balance of aroma, acidity, and body to greater the most unique coffee experience.

Hot Chocolate Coffee


How to Make it:

Mix together the milk, powder, and chocolate chips in a saucepan and let it simmer. Whisk it together until it is melted without letting it boil. Add the coffee and stir. Pour into your mug and add marshmallows if you like. Enjoy!


Who doesn’t like chocolate…Each of the methods we talked about above are sure to fill the spot with the perfect luxurious chocolate experience in your cup.

If you have something you have tried, we would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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