Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover: 2020

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Do you have a coffee lover that you need to buy a gift for? Mama’s Caffeinated Cup has got you covered in our coffee gift guide for 2020. We have put together 15 of our favorite coffee accessories that would be perfect for your coffee connoisseur.

We all know coffee drinkers are a wonderfully diverse group of super cool people so whatever they are, we have what you need.

1. Hario V-60 Dripper

Get this Hario V-60 Dripper and start making excellent Pour Over coffee. Pour Over coffee is one of the most basic ways to brew but packs a huge punch by way of the flavor and aroma of the beans.

2. Gooseneck Kettle

This gooseneck kettle is perfect for Pour Over coffee as well as any other method that requires a slow accurate pour. It also has a temperature gauge on the top of the kettle to make sure you keep your water temp right where it needs to be. (195°F for most coffee)

3. Smart Mug

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is a must have for all coffee lovers. You can control the temperature of your coffee from your smartphone. It has an auto-sleep feature that senses when you are finished and turns it off. You can control the temp from 120°F to 145°F.

4. Obcessories Coffee Earrings

This Etsy Shop called Obcessories is one of our new favs. They have so many super cute coffee lover addict appropriate earrings.

5. Deathwish Coffee

Give the gift of caffeine with Deathwish’s “world’s strongest coffee”. They seriously live up to all the hype!

6. Coffee Storage

You have to keep those fresh beans fresh by storing them in the right container. Give your coffee lover this perfect airtight storage container to keep their beans so fresh.

7. Yeti 20 oz. Tumbler

Let them keep that coffee hot on the go with the Yeti 20 ounce tumbler. This tumbler is vacuum-sealed durable stainless steel with a MagSlider lid. The lid uses magnets to keep the lid on lock. It also keeps your beverages hotter by sealing it off. Its dishwasher safe too.

8. Cold Coffee Brewer

This Cold Brew Coffee Maker is perfect for your coffee addict. It’s so easy to make sold brew in this heavy duty jar with the stainless steel filter. All the components are dishwasher safe.

9. Coffee Scoop and Bag Closer

Help keep your beans fresh with this scoop and bag closer combination. It’s customizable and makes the perfect gift. Each scoop is one tablespoon.

10. Minipresso Espresso Maker

Make espresso on the go with the Minipresso. It’s compact, lightweight, and versatile. All you need to do is add the hot water, coffee grounds, and pump a few times to pressurize it and extract your brew.

11. Cappucino Art Stencil Set

Create the perfect designs on your beverages with this stencil set. All you need to do is place the stencil over the cup, sprinkle with your topping and enjoy. They come in a cute storage tin.

12. Coffee Grinder

Grind your fresh beans with the OXO Conical Burr grinder. The burr creates a uniform grind, with 15 settings to ensure you have the perfect grind for your specific brewing method. Grinding to your specific brew method ensures you get optimal extraction from your beans. This grinder can also grind enough coffee for 12 cups.

13. Aeropress

Make perfect coffee on the go with the super easy and ultra-portable Aeropress. This gift set comes with a travel bag and everything you need to get started. You can read about the Aeropress here. Coffee enthusiasts all over love this quick total immersion brewer to give smooth full flavored coffee without bitterness.

14. Keurig Single Serve

The Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup brewer is a great pod brewer because it’s super slim design allows it to fit anywhere. It also can make 8, 10, or 12-ounce cups of coffee fast.

15. Bodum Travel French Press

The Bodum Travel Press brews coffee on the go. It’s an easy french press that can be used on the go with a vacuum-sealed double-wall stainless steel mug to keep it warm. It has a spill-resistant lid and it’s dishwasher safe.

16. Coffee Guide

The Craft Coffee Manuel goes over home brewing equipment with how-to’s and common mistakes to help your aspiring barista start brewing at home.

17. Cute Couples Mug

Show him or her how much you love them with this couples mug set.

What is double brewed coffee?

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