About Me

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Coffee gets me.

Hey, there caffeine loving peeps! I’m Shannon and I’m a mama that loves caffeine and all things coffee! Welcome to my coffee blog- I want to talk about all things coffee with you! The how-to’s, reviews, advice, let’s do it all.

I’m a procaffeinator– meaning I can’t start anything until I have had my coffee! Because coffee is not just a beverage, its liquid sanity in a cup. Ya feel me?

If you have a passion for coffee, let’s learn and share all the things!

I started my journey with a newborn and a coffee maker and it has evolved into an obsession that has me trying all the goods.

I have a new love for Pour Over Coffee as well as a fascination with learning all about how to brew a great cup of coffee.

This is different for everybody, what I like isn’t necessarily going to be what you like and that’s ok. I love to experiment! I’ve even tried vinobrew.

Being different allows us to share our experiences, triumphs, and failures along our journey to great coffee brews.

Coffee gets me. Lets allow it to “get you”, too.