Air Roasted Coffee – An Eye-Opening Discovery

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Traditional roasting methods are cooking the beans in either a tumbling drum or barrel much like a conventional clothes dryer. In this eye-opening discovery of air roasted coffee, you will find out why this method is much better than traditional drum roasting.

Air roasted coffee is coffee beans roasted on a bed of hot air instead of tumbling around in a steel drum, like traditional coffee. The beans actually levitate on a fluid bed of hot air. The roaster keeps the beans constantly moving so it can roast evenly.

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Air roasting gives you exact control over each batch of beans to ensure they are roasted to temperature rather than color. Traditional drum roasting only relies on the color to know when it has reached its roast. This can leave you with inconsistencies and a burnt flavor.

How to Air Roast Coffee

The coffee beans are placed in a chamber or “fluid bed machine” where hot air is pushed through the chamber and this causes the beans to act as a liquid when in fact, they are still solid. When the beans float in the vortex, all surface area of the bean is exposed to the hot air allowing the temperature to be maintained.

History of Air Roasting

Michael Sivetz, a chemical engineer, discovered that you could easily roast coffee beans in a shorter more efficient time using the fluid bed principal. He patented this hot air design.

Difference between Air Roasted and Drum Roasted

When coffee beans are roasted in a drum, a mechanical arm stirs the beans. When they rummage around the drum, the beans can hit the sides and cause it to scorch. This is because the outside of the drum is scalding hot.

Obviously, roasting this way can lead to uneven cooking of the beans.

When beans are air roasted, they float around and are evenly exposed to the heat which makes it uniform.

Drum roasted beans take up to 15 minutes to finish while air roasted ones are under 8 minutes. The longer a bean roasts, the more flavor is lost.

Traditional drum roasters trap smoke during the roasting process. While you might want this when you BBQ, in coffee it’s not as desirable. It can cover the flavors of the coffee. Air roasting allows the smoke to be removed through exhaust vents so all the flavors can come out.

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Taste of Air Roasted Beans

Air roasted coffee is not as bitter as drum roasted coffee. It’s also less acidic. It’s said to be the purest tasting coffee. Air roasted coffee won’t have a burnt taste like drum roasted coffee sometimes can.

Air roasting also allows for the coffee beans to be slowly roasted which brings out the flavor.

(Did you know that Coffee is actually Healthy?)

Chaff and Debris

When beans are roasted, the chaff is the final layer of the cherry pulp that is removed. It’s a thin flaky layer that covers the bean. It tends to come off in a drum roaster because of the steam that’s produced from water loss during roasting.

In air roasting, the chaff, and all other debris fall through to a filter that collects it rather than it burning in the drum of a traditional roaster. This ensures that it doesn’t end up at its final destination which is in our cups.

Air Roasted Beans to Try

If you want to try some high quality, organic, air roasted beans then you should give Invader Coffee a try. They offer a 100% money back guarantee because they are confident that once you try it, you will love it.

They are owned by a veteran who knows that details matter. Invader Coffee prefers quality over quantity. They check for irregularities in the beans before they are roasted so you end up with only the best.

They are 100% air roasted. Only 1% of the world’s coffee is air roasted.


After reading how wonderful air roasted coffee is, you have to go over to Invader Coffee’s website and give them a try. If you do, please comment below and tell us what you think.

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