Nespresso Hacks: to get the most out of your machine

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Nespresso is the perfect device for busy people on the go. They make single-serve coffee fast and efficiently. The luxury pod machine can make both coffee and espresso. But it comes at a cost. We know how you can save money and we will show you all the Nespresso hacks in this article.

1. Check the Buttons

Every capsule has a shot size that’s recommended. For most, it’s as simple as pushing the short or long button and letting the machine take over. But, you can cheat this by holding it down mid-brew and override the original settings.

To achieve this, you simply hold the button down after it starts pouring and keep holding it until the desired amount of coffee is in your cup. This can help you get the most out of each pod and help you adjust depending on your desired taste.

2. Clean your Machine

Cleaning your machine will help you not only get the best tasting cup but also help get the most out of it.

I would recommend setting up a scheduled time to do it, whether it be once a month or every other month so you can be consistent. You can test to see if it needs cleaning by running it without a pod. You might not like what you see.

You can get a descaler, then follow the manufacturer’s instructions on proper cleaning.

If you want to cut down on cleaning your machine, use filtered water. It will make your brew taste better too because it doesn’t have all the minerals and contaminants in it like tap water or well water does.

nespresso machine and cup of coffee

3. Warm your Mug

Espresso machines usually have cup warmers already but not Nespresso. It’s normally recommended to preheat your cup before you put coffee in it. This will help keep your coffee tasting good and warm.

To do this, you can pour hot or boiling water over it or dip it into a pot of boiling water. Then continue on with your brew.

warm mug of coffee

4. Shot Size

Under extracted shots taste acidic while over-extracted shots taste bitter. Nobody wants either of these results so to make sure you have the right shot, you will need to experiment. You can do this by playing with it like mentioned in the first point.

You can also use a few cups and put different amounts in each one. Some people like the middle of the shot or some might prefer the end. This can help you tweak it to suit your needs.

5. Reuse Pods

This is not recommended but it is possible.

Refill the Pods

You can potentially clean out the pod, refill it with coffee and put the foil back over it, but I wouldn’t recommend this either. You can just buy a refillable pod for a couple of bucks.

Run them twice

I wouldn’t recommend this but you can run the pod more than once if you are in a pinch. The results are not going to be as good the second time as the first, but hey…you can try.

6. Use a Cheap Frother

You don’t have to buy the frother that Nespresso recommends. There are so many other options available and they do the same job. Amazon has great options for a lot less.

milk frother

7. There is More than One Pod

You aren’t limited to just using Nespresso pods, you can actually find compatible pods to use in your machine. They are cheaper and can save you several dollars over time. There are so many coffee varieties to choose from that you won’t feel cheated, I promise.

You can also get a reusable one and put whatever coffee in you like. (freshly ground of course)


You can play around with your machine to find the best tasting cup for you. Most of these Nespresso hacks will even save you money. But hey, you are already saving money by brewing espresso in a Nespresso, so bravo.

If you want to see another way to brew espresso-like shots, check out the AeroPress.

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