Coffee Makers 101

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Do you love coffee but the only way you know how to brew is with the classic automatic drip machine? I couldn’t imagine my life without coffee. There are so many other options on the market these days for coffee making so let me share the many different coffee makers with you.

Classic Drip Makers

These are what I think of when I think about making coffee. I grew up smelling my dad’s coffee after he brewed in a drip maker. These use cold water and can brew up to 14 cups. The maker heats the water and sends it through the coffee grinds that are held in with a filter and then dripped into the pot.

If you don’t like burnt coffee, you can steer clear of the machines that have a burner under the pot and get one like I have which keeps the coffee hot in a vacuum-sealed pot. Ours will stay hot until I get home from work. I use the one from Black and Decker that is pictured below.

Single Serve Makers

Thanks to Keurig, we all know what a single-serve capsule is. This is a great coffee maker to have if you have different tastes in coffee or for an office where several employees drink different kinds.

You just have to fill the water reservoir and put your single-serve cup in then press start. The filter is in the pod so it makes clean up super easy.

Pour Over Maker

If you want a simple way to brew coffee but don’t mind waiting, try the pour-over method. This one can be done with a single cup and a cone-shaped filter.

You just need to take medium-course grounds to put in the filter and add hot water in small batches, adding more each time it passes through. It will give you a rich full-bodied cup when it’s finished.


A percolator lets heated water pass through a tube to the coffee grounds and produce a strong, hot cup of coffee. It is also a very fast, efficient way to brew.

French Press

I love a French Press. I have one and when I am not in a hurry or when we are camping with no electricity I will use mine. The only downside to these is the coffee doesn’t stay hot for long after its brewed.

To use you need to heat your water to boiling, grind your coffee beans (or add already ground beans) and add them to the french press. Pour over the hot water and insert the mesh filter and slowly move the grounds to the bottom.

The longer the coffee steeps, the stronger it will be. I use this method when I want to enjoy high quality or great tasting coffee because it brings out all the flavors.

Want to know all you need to know about how to use a French Press?

Steeped Coffee

Steeped coffee is fixed like steeped tea. Its easy to make and portable. All you need is a cup and hot water. Just like the tea, you add the bag to the hot water in the mug and let it steep. Usually takes about 5-6 minutes.

This method is great for people who travel or don’t have room for a pot. You can also use it when you are camping if you have a way to heat your water.


You can create an espresso like cup with this machine. You add the water to the bottom and grounds to the top. Steam is produced as it heats and pushes it to the top where the pressure causes the water to flow through the beans and into the top compartment.

Grind and Brew

I love freshly ground beans but hate to actually grind the beans. If this is you, you can try a grind and brew machine. It gives you the flavor of freshly ground beans in an automatic drip machine. It basically simplifies the process.

Cold Brew

Who doesn’t love a good cold brew coffee. Here recently it has been quite trendy. There are so many different ways to make cold brew coffee but this method is done overnight. You steep the coarsely ground beans in water overnight and then store in the refrigerator.


coffee in cup with beans around

Espresso is made by heating the water and running it through the coffee grounds at high pressure. There are also so many different machines out there at many price points. This is considered a “classy” cup of coffee, lol.

Turkish Maker

Turkish coffee? Sounds interesting. Its made on the stovetop and gives you a very strong cup of unfiltered coffee. Basically, you add water and very finely ground coffee to the pot, let it boil and then transfer it to your cup to let the grounds settle to the bottom.

You don’t have to just use the pot for coffee, it would be a great pot to melt butter in as well.

AeroPress Maker

This coffee maker is easier to use than the french press. It’s also easy to clean. You can make espresso or cold brew in it too. To use it, you add one tablespoon of finely ground beans. Heat the water to 175 °F.

You then fill the base to the mark and add the filter to the cap. Screw the cap onto the base and put it over a coffee cup. Stir the coffee grounds for 10 seconds and use the plunger to push the water down into the mug.

People who love strong coffee will love this maker and it’s easy to make one cup. It also makes your coffee less acidic so this is great for sensitive stomachs.

Siphon Maker

This gentle way of making coffee uses a vacuum to create a big flavor and aroma. For this method, the water is heated into a vapor that goes up into the carafe that is filled with coffee.

The vapor turns back into water and mixes with the grounds to create the vacuum. This is what makes the coffee’s flavor and aroma. Personally, I think it would be cool to watch!

Vietnamese Maker

This maker is small, portable and easy to use but it does take longer. It has small holes on the bottom for the hot water to drip through after it passes through the coffee grounds.

You would want to use a finely ground coffee for this one. People who like strong coffee, this is for you.


I hope you find a coffee making style that suits you and produces that lovely cup of coffee for you to enjoy every single morning. Did you know that you can enjoy that cup while reaping coffee’s many health benefits?

If you have a brewing method that I didn’t mention above or want to tell us how you brew, please comment below to tell us about it. I love hearing new ways to craft coffee.

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