Keurig Espresso: Is It Possible?

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Can you get an espresso from a Keurig? The answer is no. You can get a low quality espresso from the K-Cafe by Keurig. It’s not going to be as strong or as high quality as what you get from a regular espresso machine. But if you are a pod lover and want a quick latte or cappuccino that’s easy to clean up, the K-Cafe is for you.

What is Espresso?

Espresso is not a kind of coffee but rather a brewing process that yields a highly concentrated cup of joe. It’s not a certain bean or roast either. You can make espresso with pretty much any bean or roast you choose.

It’s all about the pressure. You must have it to get a great tasting espresso and the K-Cafe simply doesn’t do that. High quality machines will use high pressure to extract the beans quickly. This is how you get that espresso shot that people pay good money for.

So, what can you get from the K-Cafe Maker? A stronger than normal single-serve cup of coffee.

Can Keurig K-Cafe Make Espresso?

The Keurig K-Cafe can’t make a traditional shot of espresso but it can make a stronger shot of more concentrated coffee than a regular coffee maker. Keurig says it’s not actually espresso, and we agree.

If you are looking for convenience and speed then the K-Cafe is what you are looking for. It can make a 2 ounce shot that is not as strong or as deep as traditional espresso but it still tastes great.

There are many people out there who just want something strong and could care less if it’s considered quality espresso. The K-Cafe is for you.

Pro Tip: Instead of using a potentially stale coffee pod, grind your own beans, and use the reusable filter.

What Beans to Use

A medium to dark roast will be more soluble and extract better, they are rich in oils and produce a better crema (but the K-Cafe doesn’t produce crema). You will get a great body, flavor, and consistency from this type of roast.

dark roast coffee beans

When you see a bag labeled “espresso”, it typically means it’s a darker roast. Coffee is a personal taste preference that only you can determine. My husband and I even differ in flavor and roasts preference.

The Lavazza Perfetto Roast is a delicious choice in pods to try. It’s full of flavor with caramelized notes, it will give you a bold cup.

For fresh beans, I choose Lifeboost Arabica Coffee. They have fresh, fair trade, organic coffee that you will love.

What else can K-Cafe do?

The K-Cafe has the ability to make lattes and cappuccinos, too. It also can make a regular cup of coffee. It has 4 different sizes (6,8,10 and 12 ounces).

We do, however, love the frother and the fact that almost all of the parts are dishwasher friendly. The frother, k-cup holder, and drip tray to be exact. This can make clean up so much easier.

keurig k-cafe with display of all the drinks it can make and frother

How to Froth with the K-Cafe

In order to froth milk, you will need 3 minutes and milk. The stainless steel frothing jug makes micro-foaming faster and easier.

  • First, you choose what size- latte or cappuccino. (it has a cold option too)
  • Fill it to the line you choose
  • Put the Cap on
  • Drop it in (it is activated by weight)
Keurig milk frother for espresso machine
photo cred: Keurig

The latte is about 6 ounces and the capp is about 4 ounces.

When you use a traditional espresso machine with the steam wand, it can be messy and hard to get used to but not the K- Cafe frother. It’s so easy and simple to clean up. You almost can’t mess it up.

What It Doesn’t Have

It doesn’t have some of the great qualities that other Keurig models do like the Quiet Brew Technology or the Hot water Option.

It’s also larger than other models so it will take up a lot of space on your counter.


Keurig hit the ball out of the park with this brewer. Even though it’s not a true espresso machine, it is a very well rounded single-serve pod maker. You can enjoy a cappuccino, a latte, drip coffee, or an iced coffee from this machine. It’s also reasonably priced and won’t break the bank.

So, if you aren’t a coffee snob (as they say) then you will surely be happy with what this brewer can do for you.

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