Fire Dept Coffee Review: Why I Love It

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First of all, who doesn’t love coffee? I know I do. Did you know there are over 2.25 billion cups consumed each day…in the world! Of those many cups, I want to tell you about one of my favorite companies, Fire Dept Coffee.

This company is near and dear to my heart because it’s a U.S. based, veteran-led small business that’s run by firefighters. My husband is a firefighter so I think firefighters are awesome!

Founder and CEO Luke Schneider is a full-time firefighter/paramedic and US Navy veteran. He joined forces with Jason Patton who is also a full-time firefighter to start up this awesome coffee business.

The second reason I love them so much is their mission. They have dedicated their business to give back. They started up a foundation designated to helping firefighters and first responders who are injured on the job or facing health challenges.

Each month, they take 10% of their net proceeds and give them to one or more worthy organizations or individuals who are in need.

About Fire Dept Coffee

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Photo Cred: Fire Dept Coffee

Fire Dept Coffee finds the highest quality beans around the world from environmentally and socially responsible farms. They are passionate about roasting and guarantee the freshest beans possible.

If you know anything about roasting, you know how important it is to consume your coffee within a few weeks of roasting. Coffee beans will start the degassing process during roasting. This process will continue on and if not brewed within a few weeks, your coffee will taste stale.

If you want great tasting coffee, you want the freshest beans possible. I also recommend buying whole bean and grinding them yourself. When you grind coffee beans, it increases the surface area and allows for better extraction of the coffee but this too exposes it to the elements.

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Photo Cred: Fire Dept Coffee

Where it Started

As a firefighter’s wife, I can personally tell you the struggles they face during the line of duty, one of those is alertness. Coffee has played an important role in helping them stay alert for many many years.

Coffee is so important to firefighters that my husband’s station has what they call “coffee club” where they sit and reflect on various parts of their day while drinking their cups.

The coffee that started it all for Fire Dept Coffee is their Original Medium Roast. This bean is made from a blend of Central and South American coffees. It will give you a smooth but bold flavor and the boost of energy you need.

Medium Roast

I personally love a medium roast coffee. The Original Medium Roast is full-bodied, low acidic with dark chocolate and berry notes. It will leave a floral scent.

coffee roasting types infographic

Dark Roast

Dark roast coffee is roasted the longest. It is almost black in color with an oily sheen on the surface of the bean. Most dark roasts beans will reach an internal temperature of between 465°F and 480°F.

They tend to have a smoky flavor but when done right, they will have a heavy body with mild bitterness and a chocolate or nutty taste. Fire Dept Coffee’s Signature Dark Roast is smooth, bold, and full of flavor. They use Indonesian beans to give you a robust tasting cup.

This bean is great if you are brewing with a French Press because it will highlight the oils and bring out the sweeter notes. I would recommend a courser grind for this method.

If you want an extra kick of caffeine, I would suggest trying the Stipe Miococ Extra Strength blend. It has 2 times the caffeine coming in at 500 mg per 12 ounce cup.

FCD coffee mug
photo cred: fire dept coffee

Light Roast

Light roast coffee beans are lighter in color and have no oil on the surface. They tend to have a little bit more caffeine because the heat from roasting the other varieties longer makes the caffeine escape.

Fire Dept Coffee has their own Light Roast. They source the beans from Colombia and Honduras. It is sweet and has a light taste but it’s still full of flavor.

Must Try: Spirit Infused Coffee

If you don’t try any other their other blends, you have to try one of Fire Dept Coffee’s Spirit Infused Coffees. They combine the flavors of bourbon, whiskey, rum or tequila in to give you the taste of sipping your favorite spirit straight from your mug.

My personal favorite is the Bourbon Infused Blend. Its bold, sweet and smooth.

bag of bourbon infused coffee

Coffee of the Month Club

If you want to take an adventure around the world, you must check out their coffee of the month club. Each month, they feature different blends with a custom bag and a full description on the back. Freshness is guaranteed. Why not give yourself the opportunity to try something new!

Grab Some Today

You have to try this coffee!! If you are active military, veterans, first responders, or emergency dispatch you can grab a 15% discount for life. This is just another way they give back.

I highly recommend Fire Dept Coffee and I promise you will love it.

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